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Ignite and Flow

7 Days Of Meditation 

Welcome to the 7 days of meditation.

Here you'll find options for 7 days meditation experiences, retreats and challenges. 

Find and choose an option that works for you. 

7 days of meditation

Free Calendar 

I&F Mockup 7 days of meditation calendar copy.png

Download this calendar that links you to free meditations on YouTube. You have access to meditations for peace, self love, inner peace and self worth. 

Online Meditation

Root to Crown
7 day meditation experience 

Root to Crown is a 7-day meditation experience designed to ground you and harmonise your mind, body, and spirit. It combines meditation, affirmations, mantra, and journaling to bring clarity and peace to the mind.


By taking the time to journey through this experience, you will be able to find a sense of calm, ease, and clarity as you go about each day.

Private Meditation Session

Just Breathe is a breathwork infused meditation designed to bring calm and deep relaxation. This is a great way to kickstart, wind down or reset in the middle of the day.  The session may include light stretches. 

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