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Book Your Connect Call

Hi again,

Here, you can schedule your free 20 minute virtual face to face  **Zoom Call** with me C.


The purpose of this initial 20-minute call is to:

  • Learn where you are on your journey

  • Your intention, goals and aspirations.

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Before you schedule your connect call, I am coming here to say hello and congratulations on taking a step toward experiencing something new. I understand the courage it takes, so well done!


I am also coming here to clarify what the connect call is all about, so that you get the most value from the time you're going to invest in yourself.


This is for you if,


You’re at a point where you are ready to take action for positive change, this genuinely means something to you, and you are ready to commit to your goals


I assume by your being here, you are serious about your intention for change.   


As this is an initial call, my intention is, as the name suggests, is to connect, to listen and learn more about your journey, this means:


You’ll get,

  • 1:1 connection with someone who cares and has gone through a similar, or almost similar experience, (however best my story relates to yours)

  • Based on our call, I’ll send you options on how best I can serve, and you can decide what will serve you at this stage of your journey


To get the most from your call,

  • Show up for your call.  (I’ll always give credit for some of my successes to showing up, when you show up, you’re halfway there, when you consistently show up, you win)

    • The session is over video call, via Zoom, which enables a face-to-face connection. (Preferably in a quiet place, this is your time)

    • Have your goals, and aspirations ready, and the answers to the questions from the questionnaire you’ll complete below.

  • Schedule a time that works for you and you’re able to commit to (you have options :) )


I look forward to talking with you soon,


With much love,


PS: to help me prepare for our call, fill in the questions on the questionnaire as accurately and honestly as you can.

I understand the courage and vulnerability it takes to open up and share, so be assured of your privacy being respected. Your information and whatever you share is in confidence and will not be shared.

pps: If you cannot find a time that works for you please send an email at with the subject connect call.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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