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Shape and empower your mornings, and set the tone for your day.

Morning Meditation Experience

Meditating at Home

By taking part in the IGNITE MORNING meditation experience, you will DEVELOP,

1 / Inner Radiance and Clarity:

Through daily morning meditations, Ignite guides you to awaken your inner radiance, fostering a sense of clarity that resonates throughout your day.


This ritual becomes a pathway to discovering and embracing the light within, paving your path with newfound purpose and focus.

2 / Daily Empowerment and Positive Beginnings:

Ignite sets the stage for your day with a warm embrace of calm and positivity. Each morning, the guided meditation gently prompts you to kindle your inner glow, allowing it to become a beacon of empowerment.


Engage in a ritual that transforms mornings into a daily celebration, infusing each day with a sense of purpose and the energizing spirit of a morning well-spent.

3 / Connection with Self and Mindful Presence:

As you participate in the Ignite experience, you'll foster a profound connection not only with your mornings but with the essence of your own spirit.


This ritual becomes a journey of self-discovery and mindful presence. By incorporating morning meditation into your routine, you create a sacred space for reflection and connection, enhancing your overall well-being and inner balance.


Ignite becomes a holistic experience, inviting you to infuse your mornings with calm, peace, positivity, and purpose.

How it works
and what you get

Meditation by the Beach

Daily themes:

  1. Day 1: Rise and Shine

  2. Day 2: The beginner's self-love journey​

  3. Day 3: Ignite the love

  4. Day 4: Unshakable Self-Worth

  5. Day 5: Radiant morning: I AM

  6. Day 6: Peaceful Presence

  7. Day 7: Grateful Heart 


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