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Hey there, 

I'm Cynthia

Cy IMAGE.heic

Lover of life! I haven't always been a wellness mentor or self-love advocate... my life looked very different a few years ago... at a point of deep need for change, my life took a turn (which saved my life) and led me here.

I'm here to support your intention to heal and truly love yourself and the life you're living.

Life is worth living.

Please read more about my story  below to learn more about me.

I hope my story can be of service to you. I look forward to sharing more about my journey if we get the chance to connect 

A snippet of My Story

Hi, I’m C 


I am glad to share with you the tools that helped me heal and recover from living a fear, guilt and approval-based life resulting in living an anxious life to truly loving myself!


My ritual was my saving grace, in helping calm and release my overthinking mind.  To this day, this helps me focus, making me feel safe in the present moment.


Committing to practice (at a point of being truly sick and tired of being sick and tired) has not only helped me heal, but it has also changed my entire life in more ways than I expected. I mean this when I say, I love myself!


Today I live an empowered and joyful life. I have the courage to live my most authentic life and fulfil my calling of empowering others to do the same.


Today, I am here (yes I am here!) to share resources that enabled me to heal, reprogram my mind, and truly love myself! To be who I truly am, to connect deeply with myself and live my truth! 

May we Ignite the love within ourselves and live in full flow with the magical experience of love and life.


With much love,



This is my mission, to inspire and empower you

to develop a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, from a place of courage and strength and make a positive impact!

My focus, is to help women living a fear, guilt and approval based life, move from constantly overthinking, seeking approval, and living in the past, to calming their minds and bodies, trust their inner knowing and develop true love for themselves and unapologetically live their most authentic lives with deep joy!

If this sounds like you, feel free to schedule a connect call.

This is a free call, to see how best I can serve you on your journey.

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How does it work?

1. Schedule a connect call

The goal of this call is for me to learn more about where you are on your journey, and your aspirations to see how best I can support you and most importantly, to ensure this feels right.

2. How can I serve?

Based on the outcome of our connect call, I will reach out to you with the best resource I can offer to support you at this specific stage of your journey.

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