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Not sure where to start?

Here are some resources and ways of working with me to support your journey.


I created Ignite and Flow to help you navigate your path of emotional healing and support you in embracing true love for yourself. In workshop style podcasts, I share with you the tools, and truths that transformed my life. I teach you how to let go and live a life you love here and now, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally as your most beautiful and authentic self. New episodes Mondays and meditations on Wednesdays.


Discover serenity and inner peace through '7 Days of Meditation,' a doorway to meditation experiences, retreats, and challenges tailored to enrich your mindfulness journey. This program encourages you to delve into a week-long meditation immersion for a profound experience.

You'll have the opportunity to explore various options, whether it's immersive meditation retreats, engaging challenges, or personalized one-on-one meditation sessions. Our aim is to provide you with flexibility, allowing you to choose the path that resonates most with your unique needs and preferences.




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In this personalized coaching program, I partner with you to craft meaningful intentions and create a self-care plan and 90 day intentions tailored to your unique needs.

Throughout the program, you'll benefit from coaching sessions that guide you in setting, refining, and reviewing your intentions. Gain access to valuable resources and tools to support your path, and enjoy follow-up calls to track your progress.


With the 'Ignite Experience,' you'll:

  • Define clear intentions and goals

  • Learn effective wellness strategies

  • Discover rituals that truly resonate with you

  • Establish holistic and balanced objectives

  • Receive personalized 1:1 accountability


Discover a transformative journey with 'Anchored,' a comprehensive 6-week program designed to empower you on the path to holistic well-being.


This step-by-step program offers the tools and guidance you need to cultivate a personalized wellness ritual that aligns with your unique needs.

Through 'Anchored,' you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, creating a ritual that not only nurtures your physical health but also anchors you in positive thinking, inner peace, boundless joy, and unconditional love.


This structured program provides essential support, accountability, and  coaching to help you build and sustain a life enriched with healing and serenity.


For more inspirational resources, made with love, 

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Best, Cynthia

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