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Create you next 90 DAY life and wellness plan with love, and intention. 

Light up your life with your next 90 day intentions

Here are some truths!

Most people set goals and resolutions they do nothing about or don’t attain.

Some give up before they even try.

You know you can’t put this off another year, or still have it on your goals list the year after.

You’re ready to take action, only you’re a bit in the dark. You need someone to shine a light

Here's just some of what you'll get from this program

Intention and goal setting and review

Wellness strategies

Rituals that work

Set holistic goals

1:1 Accountability

Set intentions and goals for different aspects of your life for the next 90 days and review these through accountability check ins. 

Strategies to create a wellness, and self-care plan that allows you to take control of your health and well-being.

Design mindful wellness, morning and evening rituals and routines that work for you.

Set mind body spirit goals and intentions for mindful living, wellness, self-care, relaxation, personal growth, and development.

Act on your goals and be accountable through the regular check-ins and goal reviews.

Activity worksheets

And more!

Activities you can expect in these sessions

Intention and Goal Setting and Review, Self Care Strategies, 1:1 Connection plus other guided activities such as Meditation and breathwork,  Accountability.

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Who is this for?


"I want to create goals that I can achieve / see my goals come to life".
"I want to create a mindful wellness, and self-care plan that allows me to take control of my health and well-being".
"I need someone to be accountable to".
"I need more peace and calm in my life. I want a holistic wellness plan".
"I want to design daily rituals and wellness routines that work for me".
"I am ready do something".

Ready to sign up?

All prices in United States Dollars (USD)

The Workshop

90 minute workshop

The Ignite Experience is a goal and intention setting workshop that allows you to set clear goals for the next 90 days.

Why 90 days? 

You are able to work in small iterations that are manageable and easy to achieve.

Activities you can expect In the workshop​

  • Intention and goal setting

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • BONUS:

  • Editable and Printable Intention and Goal Setting Workbook.

  • Wellness Workbooks

1:1 Coaching

All good things need a bit of time, sometimes. 

The intention of this package is to ensure accountability and support as you embed your wellness rituals. 


I work with you to Implement your 90 day Intentions.

Activities you can expect:

  • Access to the Ignite Experience workshop

  • Coaching for 90 days with 3 1:1 coaching calls

  • Monthly, and weekly planner, reflections and checklist.

Activities you can expect In our coaching sessions

  • Meditation, and breathwork

  • Mindful reflection

  • Intention and goal setting

  • BONUS:

  • Editable and Printable Intention and Goal Setting Workbook.

  • Wellness Workbooks

Enrolment for the Ignite Experience is open in December 2023 with 10 spots available

The Ignite Experience Coaching

Choose an option that works for you.
How it works...
Calendar Pages


When you sign up for the workshop, you immediately gain access to a recording of the workshop and workbooks to guide you. 


If you opt for 1:1 coaching program, you gain access to the workshop and booking system. 

You have 6 one on one coaching calls available to you in the space of 90 days.

Taking Notes


Your sessions are conducted online, on a video call via Zoom. 


We start by grounding and checking in.If this is your first session, we go through your intentions; I encourage you to through the workshop first. 


Depending on your previous sessions, we actually get to implement some of the strategies in your wellness plan. E.g meditation, and breathwork (If you choose).  

Image by Jessica Ruscello


The word Ignite means to light up! (or light a fire). This is the intention of this experience.


For you to light up the fire for your dreams, goals and intentions. 


After our individual or package sessions, you leave empowered and already taking action. 


Through the mentoring and accountability check-ins, you're clear on your path and don't feel alone on the journey. 

I am so excited to journey with you on this path and share with you strategies and practices that have changed my life!
(no overstatement here).

I designed The Ignite Experience; for it to be exactly that - an experience!

Something that touches you, has an impact on you and hopefully transform your life. 

Mentoring and accountability with someone who has walked the path and walks their talk is something I wish I had, and hopefully in me you find that. You don't have to journey alone, or not journey at all. 

You have everything you need to light up the path of your dreams, and hopefully Ignite and Flow can be on that path to guide you. 

When you are ready, find the option that works for you and book your first sessions. 

Catch you on the other side :)

All my best always, 

A note from Cynthia...
Got questions?


Is this actually private or group coaching?

This is 1:1 mentoring, delivered via private online video call. 

The workshop is a pre-recorded video workshop which you can access anytime.

How long do I have to use my package sessions

Package sessions are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

This is?

Mentoring, and Accountability

Mindfulness coaching (overlapping wellness and life coaching).


Mindfulness practices - including Meditation and Breathwork.

What if I want to do this with a group or partner

The sessions are 1:1 private sessions except in the case for corporate workshops or packages. Please contact me directly to discuss this option at

This is not?



Medical advice

Fitness or nutrition session

What if I need more sessions?

Absolutely! Mentoring and accountability thrive on continued connection. You have the option of booking additional sessions, either as an individual session or package session. (the format of the sessions would be different ofcourse, taking into account what you've done so far).

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