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It's a pleasure to have you on this site, and an even greater honour to be part of your journey of love and healing.

You’re in the right place if your intention is to heal your life, truly love yourself and live your most authentic life.

This is the place for you to Ignite the love within and truly flow with this magical experience called life!

Love yourself, heal your life & live!

Yes you can!

Joy, peace and living a wholesome life you love are your birthright!

It's time to experience something new.

Meet C

Hi, I’m C 


I am happy you are here and glad to share with you the tools that helped me

heal and recover from living a fear, guilt and approval-based life to truly loving myself!



I love to write, there's no hiding that.

I appreciate well written words and the places they can take us. 

Imagine a moment of quiet, just you and the place you're whisked to.

Ok, so imagine not having to leave that feeling after you finish reading! Motivation can only take us so far right?  

Be ready to be to Inspired, motivated, challenged at times and to bring to life what you learn.

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When we love ourselves magic happens

Prefer to listen... 


The Podcast

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In workshop style podcasts, I share with you the tools, and truths that transformed my life! I teach you how to let go and live a life you love here and now, wholeheartedly, and unconditionally. You deserve to live a life you love, as your most beautiful and authentic self.


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💸 The Income Advantage 💫 Build Financial Confidence Through Consistent Cash Flow #financialfreedom

💸 The Income Advantage 💫 Build Financial Confidence Through Consistent Cash Flow #financialfreedom

In this episode, we explore the concept of values-based budgeting to align your financial decisions with your core values, fostering a life of purpose and joy. We discuss how this approach cultivates self-love and satisfaction, empowering you to reclaim your financial happiness. So, are you ready to embark on your journey towards a more joyful and authentic financial life? Tune in to learn how! PS: 💝 Download e-Book: Joyful & Abundant- The Newly Single Mum's Guide to Self Love and Financial Confidence ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☆ LET'S CONNECT 🧡 Website | 📸 Instagram | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ☆ ABOUT Ignite and Flow is a lifestyle channel sharing meditations for you to nourish, heal and love your life. To learn more about me and my story of love and healing, ✨ If you’re ready to kickstart your journey of self-love and healing, download the Self Love starter Kit. 💝 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: The information shared in this video is for educational purposes based on my personal life experience. Please consult your medical practitioner for professional advice and before commencing wellbeing program. By using our videos, you understand and agree that neither Ignite and Flow nor any persons associated with it have liability to you for any injury or loss you may suffer in connection with content we post.
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